A nice little new application

One of my current ideasis that multiple personalities, positions, opinions, arguments, can comfortably reside in one’s head for the b

Friedrich Nietzsche
Friedrich Nietzsche (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

enefit of creativity, even if they contradict each other. Think of Nietzsche’s contradictions! Education on the other hand is really about preventing that in a unified Ego, as Freud would probably like to see, there should be no contradictions, most of all know opposition to the prevalent paradigm of the particular culture and its enforcers. Deviations from the normal Armstrong would call bizarre. Yet we know how necessary this kind of subversive thinking is, as art and artists testify. So referring back to the voices in one’s head they must engage in a critical, controversial, dialectical dialogue in order to advance one’s thought processes.

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Communications and Media Senior Lecturer at SAE Byron Bay Australia

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