Creativity in the Brain

Fuster nailed it! See also the Lloyd Armstrong video clip in this blog.

    •    It has been said that creative intelligence is the ability to invent goals, projects, and plans-in other words, we might say, to invent the future (242).

    •    A reasonable assumption is that the creative process consists of the formation of new cognits (brain circuits) , that is, new network representations in the cortex (the brain´ś grey outer shell).

    •    These representations result mostly from divergent thinking as opposed to convert thinking.

    •    Convergent thinking consists of inductive and deductive reasoning, which converge towards logical inferences and the solution of problems(Guilford, 1967).

    •    Divergent thinking, on the other hand, is free of logical constraints, autonomous and to some extent free-floating, reliant on the imagination, and minimally anchored in the immediate reality.

    •    Creative cognits emerge mainly from divergent thinking.

    •    To create, in the present context, is to make new cognits out of old ones.

    •    At the root of this process is the formation of new associations between old cognits.

    •    Thus, to reinvent the future is to reinvent the past by making new associations in it.

    •    The new cognits are potentially infinite, much as the old ones where, because the range of either is determined by the practically infinite combinatorial power of some 10 billion cells or subgroups ( i.e Modules, assemblies) of them.

    •    Therefore, the spread and configuration of created cortical cognits and their supporting networks are extremely variable.

Fuster, J.M. (2003). Cortex and mind: Unifying cognition. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

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